9 Best Drill Press Table reviews in 2022 : Guide from experts

A drill press is the one tool that every wood and metalworker dreams about. It doesn’t stop at drilling holes. You can perform numerous other tasks, including rapping, reaming, and countersinking.

Though, it is in the making of holes that the drill press succeeds best. There is no comparison, not even with a handheld drill, not where precision and accuracy are concerned.

But the last time I purchased a drill press, I noticed that it did not have a table. And when I researched other models, I observed than many of them had a similar problem.

Now, I was able to get by with a wooden board which I placed under my workpiece to support it while I worked. But I eventually realized that what I was doing was neither safe nor recommended, which is why I started looking for a separate drill press table, one that I could attach to my drill press.

You are encouraged to do the same if you have been making do without one. The best drill press table will enhance your speed, improve your accuracy, and make your work safer.

Editorial Pick

Our top pick

If you want the best possible table for your drill press, consider our Top Pick:

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 – This item stands out for many reasons. Not only is it stylish but it features microdot laminate that provides a superior grip, two double-wide T-tracks that are bolted from underneath, and a fence face that has been laser engraved. The table is suitable for larger drill presses that exceed 12-inches.

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Our Budget pick

If you need a functional model that won’t overwhelm your bank account, try out Budget Pick:

Woodstock D4033 – While not as cheap as the WEN DPA2412, this unit gives you great value for money, delivering a 3-inch high fence, two universal table clamps, and a removable 3-15/16-inch square center block that lets you drill past the table.

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Our Overall Best Pick

If you want an affordable table that doesn’t sacrifice functionality, try out Overall Best Pick:

MLCS 9765 – This model is not only inexpensive but versatile and precise, boasting two T-Tracks, an adjustable fence that promises maximum holding power and a 7/8-inch thick MDF melamine body capable of withstanding the stress exerted by a drill press.

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Choosing the Best Drill Press Table for your Drill Press

If you have no idea how to start separating the good drill press tables from the bad ones, take the following factors into account:

1). Drill Press

The table should be compatible with your drill press. Some tables can work with any drill press. But others were designed to fit specific units. Check the description of the table before you buy it to ensure that it can be paired with your press.

2). Size

Drill press tables come in different sizes. The size you select will depend on the size of the workpieces you intend to work with. Pay attention to the length and width. Some tables are long but narrow.

3). Fence

Look for a fence whose width is straight and shallow. This will promote visibility. The fence affects the accuracy of the table. Some tables don’t have fences and some people can get by without them. But most people need a fence, one whose layout and complexity will depend on how easily and quickly they want to adjust it.

4). T-Tracks and Slots

You cannot attach accessories like clamps and fences to your table without tracks and slots. Make sure they are present and their arrangement fits the type of work you intend to do.

5). Hold-Down Clamps

Hold-down clamps are devices that, as their name suggests, hold your workpiece down, keeping it secure while you work. The best tables have clamps that glide along the T-tracks, improving the flexibility and accuracy of your adjustments.

6). Throat Plate

This is a small component positioned under the chuck. Tables don’t always have throat plates. You should look for a model with a throat plate because you can just replace it once it gets damaged.

If your table doesn’t have a throat plate, you run the risk of drilling so many holes into the tabletop that you are forced to completely replace it because of the damage it has suffered.

7). Style

Some tables are nicer looking than others. They have a sleek finish and a beautiful laminate that makes them attractive. Others are quite plain. Some people care about the appearance of their table. Others don’t. It is an issue of preference.

8). Build

The best tables are made from strong materials like aluminum and MDF that are durable. You need a table that does not easily scratch or break.

9). Assembly

Some tables are easy to assemble. They are light and they feature basic components that simplify the process of attaching them to your drill press. Others are more complicated and they are a headache for amateurs to configure.

10). Laminate

A good table should have a laminate at the top and bottom. This will not only improve its appearance but also provide added protection.

Top 9 Best Drill Press Table Reviews

1) MLCS 9765

This is a high-quality table that you can get at a surprisingly competitive price. It comes with 2 T-tracks and an adjustable fence that augment its maximum holding power.

At 11 pounds, it is a suitable option for people that are just starting out. The material is MDF Melamine which is quite durable. The 7/8-inch thickness provides adequate support for any purpose you might have in mind.

The white surface is going to give your workstation a sleeker appearance. It is compatible with drill press tables that have parallel slots to the center hole and which accept two 9-1/2-inch on center bolts.

MLCS 9765 Reviews

Key Features:

  • Includes 2 T-tracks
  • Adjustable fence for maximum holding power
  • 7/8-inch thick MDF Melamine
  • 11 pounds

Installation is easy. The table should be ready to go in 20 minutes or less depending on your experience. It isn’t as large as some people would like but it will make using your drill press much easier. The fence must be manually squared to the table as you slide it forward and backward. Expect two extra slot clamps and one consumable insert.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Not as big as some people would like

Expert Tips

This is an affordable table with satisfactory functions that professionals can use but which is simple and friendly enough to appeal to beginners.

2) Fulton 15×24” Drill Press Table with Aluminum L Fence

This is the perfect drill press table for anyone with an impressive drill press machine but a poor and impractical table. It is thick and dense and that is a good thing because it allows the table to absorb the vibrations produced by the drill press.

The lamination on either side will prevent warping, ensuring that the surface remains perfectly flat. The top is quite smooth. It is not only easier to clean (using household cleaners) but it simplifies the process of positioning your stock.

Fulton 15x24” Drill Press Table with Aluminum L Fence Reviews

Key Features:

  • 8 pounds
  • 1-3/8 inches thick
  • Laminated at the top and bottom
  • Zero clearance
  • Unique track mounting system

Expect two tracks running from the front to the back (for jigs and fixtures) and a zero clearance insert, not to mention a 1-inch circular cut-out beneath. The table is compatible with drum sanders with a diameter of three inches.

The unique track mounting system underneath allows the table to fit on most drill press tables. You can mount through slotted and non-slotted tables. Where non-slotted tables are concerned, you get hold-downs.

One notable weakness is the wood screws which are made from cheap metal. They have shallow threads and they strip easily when you tighten them.

  • Thick enough to absorb vibrations
  • Fits most drill presses
  • Lamination prevents warping
  • Compatible with drum sanders as large as 3 inches in diameter
  • Cheap, weak wood screws

Expert Tips

This product is going to appeal to people that want a stylish and functional table with a durable build that is compatible with most drill presses.

3) WEN DPA2412T

This is a spacious table that will add an impressive 275 square inches to your workspace. It has onboard rulers for people that are looking to add precision and accuracy to their cuts. The fence slides can be adjusted as required to fit the needs of your project.

The 1-inch thick MDF body is quite sturdy. It is unlikely to warp or wobble while you work. You can center your workpiece using the stop block along the fence which allows you to make adjustments.

WEN DPA2412T Reviews

Key Features:

  • 275 square inches
  • Fits the entire WEN Drill press line
  • Adjustable fence
  • 2-year warranty
  • Onboard rulers
  • Sliding fence stop block

The insert is removable. This is a blessing because it allows you to drill through your workpiece without the fear of causing harm to the table below. As the name probably told you, this table will work with every single WEN drill press in your workshop.

But even if you don’t have this brand in your arsenal, the table can fit most other drill presses. At 10 pounds, it is quite light.

  • Onboard rulers improve accuracy and precision
  • The 2-year warranty is generous
  • Sliding fence stop block will help you center your workpiece
  • Spacious
  • Limited drill press compatibility
  • Shallow despite being so wide

Expert Tips

This is the product you should purchase if you need a thick, wide press table to expand your workstation. It will particularly appeal to people with WEN drill presses because it is specifically built to work with the series.

4) Woodstock D4033

This table promises to increase the accuracy and work support of your drill press with its stop block and 3-inch high fence. It has T-slots along which the fence and stop block slide. This makes the set up easier and more secure.

The removable square center block is 3-15/16 inches. It lets you drill through your workpiece and past the table without causing any damage. Expect two universal table clamps that make the product compatible with all standard drill presses. Do not expect a mortising chisel and clamps.

Woodstock D4033 Reviews

Key Features:

  • 3-inch high fence
  • Two universal clamps
  • T-slots along which the fence and stop block slide
  • 2 pounds
  • 1-year warranty

At 2 pounds, the item is incredibly light. You will have it mounted and ready to go in just a few minutes. It is easy enough to carry from location to location if you have other machines you want to use it with.

The wood used in the construction of the table is covered in melamine to protect it.

  • Melamine augments the durability of the table
  • Fence and stop block will increase work support and accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy installation
  • It has exposed wooden sections that are easily damaged
  • Mortising chisel and clamps not included

Expert Tips

Because of how light it is, this table is perfect for anyone that has multiple machines that need tables because they can move the product from location to location with ease. It doesn’t have the largest work area but it is accurate, long-lasting, and versatile.

5) Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools (DP3FENCE)

This is a special fence rather than a drill press table. It is a heavy-duty product made from 3/8-inch thick aluminum. The L-shaped fence has a 2-inch wide center notch that provides enough chuck clearance to allow short drill bits to reach the table.

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools (DP3FENCE) Reviews

Key Features:

  • 5.27 Pounds
  • Aluminum body
  • 2-inch wide center notch
  • Anodized
  • Dual length knobs that lock fence to T-track

The fence’s durability can be attributed to its anodized body. The anodization prevents the fence from marking your workpiece. Two knobs, which are easy to adjust, have been provided to hold the fence firmly to the T-track.

At 5 pounds, the table is very light. Though, it takes a little while to install.

  • The anodized body keeps the fence from marking your workpiece
  • Suitable for short drills
  • The aluminum body is thick and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Takes a little while to install

Expert Tips

This is neither the cheapest nor the most advanced table on this list. But people that want a durable, anodized product that won’t mark their workpiece will like it, especially if they intend to use short drill bits.

6) Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1

As far as the best drill press tables are concerned, you would be hard-pressed to find a better model than this one. It is a little more expensive than the other products on this list. But it has a lot to offer, including Microdot laminate that improves the grip on the workpiece and an MDF core.

The Formica Microdot laminate has a grid of small dimples that will collect sawdust. The removable insert, which can be replaced with any ½-inch thick material, minimizes tear-out when drilling through the material. You don’t need a backer board.

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 Reviews

Key Features:

  • Microdot laminate
  • Two double-wide T-tracks bolted from underneath
  • Laser engraved fence face
  • Two Hold Down Clamps
  • 1 Filter
  • 2 Flip Stops

The double-wide T-tracks are bolted in place from underneath to reduce the chances of pulling the track out. The tracks have laser engraved scales that are easy to read. They clearly indicate the fence position. You don’t need to make any further adjustments once you make the calibrations to your drill press.

  • Laser engravings are clear and easy to read
  • Microdot laminate has a unique texture that collects sawdust
  • Suitable for large drill presses
  • Attractive appearance
  • Not suitable for smaller drill presses
  • Fence not high enough

Expert Tips

This is a rigid, sturdy product whose components have been bolted down to prevent them from coming loose while you work. This makes the table one of the safest on this list. You are less likely to get hurt. Additionally, it looks really good. If you care about style, this table will impress you.

7) MLCS 9778

If you are looking for a table to match the best tabletop drill press, this one is a decent contender. At 20×30 inches, it is quite large, boasting a superior fence design that allows additional handle clearance. You don’t need to move the fence to adjust the drill’s handle.

MLCS 9778 Reviews

Key Features:

  • 23 Pounds
  • Two T-tracks for track-mounted accessories
  • 7/8-inch MDF Melamine
  • Adjustable fence
  • Fence mounted stop block

If you have large workpieces, this is the only rational choice. It has the space. Admittedly, the size of the table will probably restrict people that have limited space to work with. Keep that in mind before purchasing the item.

The fence mounted stop block allows you to make repetitive cuts. You can rely on the removable table insert to accommodate the sanding drums.

  • The adjustable fence promises maximum holding power
  • Quite large
  • You can adjust the drill’s handle without moving the fence
  • Heavy
  • Large size is a problem for small workspaces

Expert Tips

You should only get this table if you have plenty of space to work with and large pieces of wood to work on. It is large and heavy and it will become an inconvenience for people with limited space.

8) MLCS 2326

This is an affordable and highly versatile table with two T-tracks and an adjustable fence that is designed to provide maximum holding power. Made from 7/8-inch thick MDF Melamine, the removable insert that accompanies the table is compatible with sanding drums of any size. You can mount it to most drill presses without making any modifications.

MLCS 2326 Reviews

Key Features:

  • Includes T-Track Hold Downs
  • Two T-tracks
  • Adjustable fence
  • 7/8-inch thick MDF Melamine

Suitable for units with parallel slots 9-5/8 inches on center bolts and also capable of clamping to tables with a width of less than 9-3/8 inches from the outside, some people have been known to reposition the rods and clamps along with re-drilling 1-3/8-inch holes to fit tables of varying structures and dimensions.

The table comes with T-Track Hold downs and metal T-track clamps that work on t-tracks that accept ¼-inch or 5/6-inch hex head bolts.

  • Spacious
  • Mounts to all drill presses with little to no modifications
  • Melamine body is durable
  • Adds versatility and precision to drill press
  • Supports attaching to the main table are not sturdy
  • Modifications required to attach to some drill presses

Expert Tips

For the most part, this product can fit any table drill press. This versatility is the table’s primary attraction. It works exactly as the manufacturer says. Though, you might have to make some modifications depending on your drill press. In that regard, you need some experience and technical expertise.

9) Proxxon 27100

This is a versatile table that is suitable for everything from drilling and milling to grinding, positioning, and facing. Weighing just 1.76 pounds, it is made from aluminum whose surface has been treated.

It features 3 longitudinal T-slots. You can expect dual axis positioning that enables precise adjustments via two handwheels. The precision provided is such that the table allows you to make increments as little as 0.05mm and movements as small as 1mm for each revolution of dial adjustments.

Proxxon 27100 Reviews

Key Features:

  • X Travel 134mm, Y-Travel 560mm
  • Overall height 43mm
  • Adjustable ruler
  • The spindle is covered to protect from dirt
  • One set of step clamps

It isn’t the most suitable table for woodworking. It works best with smaller projects, hence the high precision it offers. It can move 5 inches on its X-axis and 1.8 inches on the Y.With the adjustable ruler, the cross-sliding table becomes much easier to position.

  • Highly precise
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable ruler supports the positioning of the cross slide
  • Only suitable for the smallest of jobs

Expert Tips

Even though this appears to be an impressive and incredibly precise table, you shouldn’t bother with it if you are looking to perform ordinary woodwork. It is meant for mini-jobs.

How to Build a Drill Press Table?

The easiest way to acquire a drill press table is to buy one. But if you have the technical experience, you can also build one. The process typically involves the following:

  • You should start by collecting your tools. They include plywood, hardwood, bolts, T-tracks, star knobs, countersink screws, threaded inserts, star thru knobs, and glue.
  • Saw a piece of plywood in two halves. The cuts should be ¼-inch oversized.
  • Without overlapping the edges, take the two halves of the plywood and glue them together, leaving a 1/8-inch offset. Use a clamp to hold the pieces as they dry.
  • Bring the board to the desired length by trimming it on all sides. After this, you can use a saw to cut a notch into the board that you will use to install the fence.
  • The fence can be made by cutting a piece of plywood into two depending on the size you want the fence to be, and cutting two dados at the top before trimming the edges using a miter saw.
  • Glue the fence pieces together and add a notch (for the column). Drill two ¼-inch holes in the bottom of the fence. They will line with the T-tracks, allowing you to attach the fence to your board.
  • Attaching the drill press table to the cast iron table is a simple matter of applying threaded inserts to the bottom of the boards and locking everything in place using star knobs.
  • Get your T-tracks, use a miter saw to trim them down to the right size, and then attach them to the plywood fence. You are going to need screws for this step.
  • With the T tracks in place, you can attach the fence to the board. Use 1.5-inch long bolts and star thru knobs for this step. At this stage, your table is ready for use.


Q : How Can You Determine Whether or not a table is suitable for your press?
ANSWER: You have to look at the product description. It will show you the attributes and dimensions of the table. If they match your drill press, you can use it.

Q : What is the best material for a drill press table?
ANSWER: While you can make do with wood, the best tables are made from aluminum and cast iron so you don’t have to worry about drilling into it.

Q : How Do You Connect the Drill press and the Table?
ANSWER: You can’t use the same mounting options for every drill press. They tend to differ. But in most cases, you will end up using bolts, screws, and clamps. It will depend on the size and shape of the drill press.

Q : Can you wash drill press tables with water?
ANSWER: The best tables have lamination and coating which makes them easy to clean. Therefore, you can wash them with water without harming them.

Final Verdict

This list is filled with amazing drill press tables. From the Woodpeckers with its large work surface and clamps to the MLCS 9765 with its adjustable fence and flat tabletop, not to mention the highly affordable DPA2414, there is a model in this list for every need you might have.

Whether you want heavier, secure, more expensive items or simpler, lighter, less cumbersome products, the best drill press table among these is the one that suits your needs best.


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