Best Drill Press Under $200-Reviews & Buying Guide

I don’t know about you but I think I’ve had my fill of handheld drills. Yes, they have a lot of power but they rely so heavily on my strength. And what happens when I start to tremble from exhaustion or the vibrations of the tool?

Naturally, the drill also jerks in response, completely ruining the precision of my work. This is why I have turned my attention to drill presses. A drill press has a drill head with a drill bit at the center. However, it has been mounted to a column shaft that will prevent it from moving while you work.

If it has become more difficult for you to use ordinary handheld drills for your projects, this is as good a time as any to get a drill press. Fortunately, they are so wide-ranging where the price is concerned.

Yes, some can cost $1000 or more. But the best drill press under 200 can perform just as effectively as its more expensive counterparts, especially if you find a model whose features match your needs.

Editorial Pick

Our top pick

If all you want is the best possible performance and compatibility with a variety of materials, you don’t need to look any further than our Top Pick:

WEN 4210T –This is a masterfully crafted drill press with a 3.2-amp motor, a 5-speed selection, RPM ranging from 600-3100, and a laser that adds to the precision of your work. It can power through plastic, wood, metal, and any other material you want to use. The ball bearings will extend the life of the powerful induction motor.

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Our budget pick

If you want a cheap drill press that can still deliver power and accuracy, try our Budget Pick:

Gino Development 01-0822 –This is one of the simplest, smallest, and most compact drill presses you have ever seen. The lightweight build is appealing because it makes the drill press effortless to use. You get a 3-speed range, 0-8500RPM, and a 1/8HP Magnet Motor. The unit is perfect for newbies that want to tackle some basic hobbies.

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Our best pick

If you want a drill that provides the perfect balance between affordability and performance, try out Overall Best Pick:

WEN 4208 – This unit offers 5 different speeds, RPM ranging from 740 to 31410, a 1/3HP induction motor that has all the torque and power you need to perform both light and heavy tasks, and locking linear depth stops that improve the accuracy of repeatable drilling operations.

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How to Choose a Drill Press Under 200?

If you want a drill press that is powerful and efficient despite being so affordable, take the following features and factors into consideration:

1). Power

The power a drill offers will depend on its motor. And the power of a motor is expressed by its horsepower rating. The more impressive the HP, the more powerful the motor, the more power the drill press will offer.

2). Speed

Different materials require different speeds to penetrate. The speed you use on metal might not work on wood. The reverse is also true. If you use a higher speed than recommended, you could destroy certain materials. Other materials won’t respond to lower speeds.

Therefore, the speed of the drill press you select matters a lot. It is measured in RPM. The best drill presses have multiple speed settings that you can adjust depending on the material you have on hand.

3). Material

Some drill presses are better suited to cutting certain materials than others. You have to keep this in mind before selecting a unit. A manufacturer’s description and manual will tell you the type of material their drill press can cut.

Some units are categorized according to the types of jobs they can do.

4). Chuck

The size of the chuck will affect the types of drill bits you can use with the drill press. The larger the chuck, the larger the bits it can accommodate. The differences between chuck sizes seem small but they matter.

5). Worktable

You should always prioritize drill presses whose table is large enough to accommodate the size and weight of the items you want to work on. This gives you stability. The more stability the table provides, the more accurate your work will be.

6). Light

Some units have special LED lights that will keep your work table illuminated, allowing you to operate with greater accuracy. Some people argue that LED lights are not necessary. They do not realize that you create shadows when you lean over your press drill and that can obscure your work, causing errors.

7). Construction

The work drill presses do is difficult. You exert a lot of stress on them when you use their tools to cut into materials like metal and wood. For that reason, you need to consider the durability of the drill press you have chosen.

It should have a strong, rigid body that will not crumble under the exertion of drilling into tough materials.

8). Dimensions

The size and weight of the drill press, you select, should depend on your environment. People with small workspace are encouraged to purchase compact units. People that don’t have to worry about space can buy as big a drill press as they can get.

The weight matters most in situations where you intend to move the drill press yourself. It should light enough for you to carry without straining your body.

9). Warranty

Drill presses execute heavy-duty tasks. This exposes them to a lot of wear and tear. A warranty will give you peace of mind because it compels the manufacturer to repair and replace your drill press if it breaks down.

The longer the warranty the better.

10) Ease of Use

Some drill presses have simple functions that are easy to master. Others are quite complicated. You have to struggle to learn to make the necessary adjustments. The easier a drill press is to use, the better, especially for a beginner.

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Drill Press Under 200 Reviews

1) SKIL 3320-01

This 10-inch drill press is an adequate tool for anyone that does not trust the precision of a handheld drill. You get a lot more accuracy where hole alignment is concerned because of the X2 2-Beam laser.

If you want to drill down consistently, the depth adjustment system makes this possible every single time. You will cut clean holes through everything from wood to metal using the five speeds provided.

SKIL 3320-01 Review

Key Features:

  • ½-inch Keyed Chunk
  • The work surface can tilt 0 to 45 Degrees, Left and Right
  • X2 2-Beam Laser
  • Adjustable Depth Stop
  • 5 Speeds
  • 3.2 Amps, 120V
  • 750-3050 RPM

An interesting bonus is the work surface which can tilt from 0 to 45 degrees. It can also tilt left and right depending on what you want. The adjustable depth stops give you more control over output. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty.

  • The press has 5 cutting speed settings
  • 3-year warranty
  • X2 2-beam laser ensures precise hole alignment
  • Sturdy framework
  • The depth stop is not easy to adjust
  • Replacement parts are not easy to come by

Expert Tips

This drill press is suitable for people that want to perform large-scale furniture and construction projects. It appeals to people that want a tool whose precision exceeds that of a handheld drill.

2) WEN 4210T

This is a 3.2 Amp 10-inch Drill Press with a 5-speed operation and an RPM ranging between 600 and 3100. It is a powerful piece of machinery that can contend with everything from wood to plastic, metal, and more.

You can shift through the five speeds offered to find an RPM that meets the specifications of your project. The body is cast-iron. It is rigid, sturdy, and reliable. It was designed to last a long time, with the manufacturers having used ball bearings in the induction motor to extend its life.

WEN 4210T Review

Key Features:

  • Depth Adjustment Gauge
  • Cast Iron Base
  • ½-inch chuck and key
  • 600-3100 RPM
  • 3.2 Amp motor
  • Worktable bevels 45 degrees left and right
  • Precision Laser

Tricky operations that require holes with precise angles won’t present a challenge. This is because the drill press can bevel 45 degrees left and right, giving the user additional options.

Rather than wasting expensive material by making erroneous guesses, you can use the X-pattern laser to lock on to your drill points, augmenting the precision of your results.

The drill press comes with a work light that will illuminate your workpiece, adding to the precision of your efforts.

  • Sturdy, durable body
  • Powerful and precise
  • Onboard Light illuminates your workpiece
  • X-Pattern laser makes operations more precise
  • Noisy
  • There are more accurate lasers than this one

Expert Tips

This product’s biggest draw is its precision and versatility. Not only is it easy to work with but you get five different speeds that are compatible with various kinds of work.

3) ShopSeries RK7033

This is a powerful 6.2-amp drill press that can work with wood, metal, and plastic. Designed to perform repetitive but highly precise cutting operations, the 10-inch drill press has five operating speeds that provide access to an RPM ranging from 620 to 3100.

The body is sturdy and durable, made from cast iron. The table bevels left and right up to 45 degrees. This gives you flexibility and accuracy, especially where tricky holes are concerned.

ShopSeries RK7033 Review

Key Features:

  • ½-inch drill chunk
  • 6.2 amps
  • Cast iron body
  • 620-3100 RPM
  • Worktable bevels 45 degrees left and right
  • Five operating speeds

Suitable for woodworking, metal drill bits, and sanding drums, the drill press features a keyed safety switch that will keep it from starting accidentally. If you encounter any defects, you can take advantage of the 2-year warranty.

  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • 2-year warranty
  • Keyed safety switch prevents accidental starting
  • Flexible worktable
  • There is no laser guide
  • The drill press takes a little while to assemble

Expert Tips

This is the drill press to buy if you want to perform repetitive but precise cutting using materials like wood, plastic, and metal. The drill press has a lot of power.

4) BUCKTOOL 10-inch 5-Speed Drill Press

This 10-inch drill press comes with a laser and an LED light, not to mention a ½-inch chuck and key and every other tool you need to assemble the product. You can use the 5-speed design to adjust the speed of the drill which ranges between 610 and 2800 RPM.

If you want precision, the laser will give it to you by predicting your exact drilling location. It works in tandem with the LED light to lock onto your drill points, saving you a lot of time. The table can bevel 45 degrees left and right.

BUCKTOOL 10-inch 5-Speed Drill Press Review

Key Features:

  • ½-inch keyed chuck and key
  • 610-2800 RPM
  • 5-speed design
  • LED Light
  • 6.2 Amp, 2/3HP induction motor
  • Worktable Bevels 45 Degrees Left and Right

You get three LED bulbs that will keep your workspace illuminated. The table and base are made out of cast iron which is a strong material that produces durable drill presses.

  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Laser guidance improves accuracy
  • Induction motor is powerful and efficient
  • LED Bulbs illuminate workstation
  • Loose connection causes vibrations

Expert Tips

For its price, this is a decent machine with a strong motor. You should buy it if you intend to work with a wide variety of materials. The laser guide will augment the precision of your work.The unit possesses functions that make it one of the safer and more user-friendly drill presses on the market.

5) Gino Development 01-0822

This is a simple device with a permanent magnet motor, variable speed control, and infinite speed selection within the drill press’s three-speed range. It is one of the least expensive models on this list because it has the smallest number of features.

Gino Development 01-0822 Review

Key Features:

  • 11.75 pounds
  • Variable speed control
  • Infinite speed selection within the three-speed range on offer
  • 0 to 8500 RPM
  • 6mm chuck capacity
  • 1-inch spindle travel

Because it weighs just 11.75 pounds, you can carry it with little to no effort. It is also quite small in size which means that you can use it in small workspaces. Storage is just as simple. The compact design makes the drill press less intimidating for beginners.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Precise
  • It only has three speeds to choose from
  • The manual is illegible

Expert Tips

This is a light well-balanced machine with a sturdy body that does a lot despite its limited functions. It will appeal to people that want a simple tool they can utilize with ease.

6) Genesis GDP1005A

This is a 10-inch 5-speed drill press with a 4.1-amp induction motor. It is known for its smooth and quiet performance, a table that can rotate 360 degrees (as well as tilting 0 to 45 degrees), and a work light that will keep your workstation illuminated.

It has a larger chuck (5/8 inches) and more than enough power to execute any DIY projects you might have on hand. The 5-speed gearbox adds to the versatility of the machine. It allows you to work with a variety of materials. The fact that the pulley housing is so easy to access means that speed changes are very easy to make.

Genesis GDP1005A Review

Key Features:

  • 4.1-amp induction motor
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Built-in work light
  • Table rotates 360 degrees and tilts up to 45 degrees
  • 5/8-inch chuck
  • 2-year warranty

At 52 pounds, the item isn’t necessarily light. But it has a small footprint that enables you to work efficiently within a small space.

  • Compact
  • 2-year warranty
  • Smooth and quiet performance
  • Integrated light illuminates your work
  • No laser to guide your aim
  • The adjustable platform is unstable

Expert Tips

Despite being a cheap drill press, this model has a lot of power. You should buy it if you want a machine with the versatility required to perform larger projects.

7) Ryobi DP103L

The best drill press under 200 is supposed to be efficient and powerful despite being so affordable, and that is what you get from this model with its heavy-duty induction motor, 5-speed selections that make the drill press compatible with a variety of drilling applications and an ‘Exactline Laser Alignment’ system that boosts precision.

The design includes a storage compartment for your chuck keys, locking depth stop (for repetitive applications), a 6-foot cord, and a 360-degree swivel that adds to the machine’s versatility. The rigid, durable, long-lasting construction can accept mortising attachments.

Ryobi DP103L Review

Key Features:

  • 5-speed selection
  • Exactline laser alignment system
  • Rack and pinion adjustable table height
  • 570-2800 RPM
  • ½-inch Chuck Capacity
  • 3A, 60Hz, 120V motor
  • 0 to 45-degree Table Tilt

The integrated work light will keep your workpiece illuminated, adding to the accuracy of your efforts. The surface can tilt 0 to 45 degrees, making angled cuts easy.

  • You get a storage compartment for the chuck keys
  • Exactline laser system makes your work more precise
  • Work light illuminates your work
  • Heavy-duty induction motor is long-lasting
  • The laser is poorly positioned
  • Cannot handle heavy work

Expert Tips

This is not the sort of drill press you buy for professional work. It is perfectly suitable for most hobbies and simple DIY projects. But it cannot contend with more taxing projects.


This brand is not that popular. As such, this cheap drill press isn’t as renowned as you might expect despite its robust construction and adequate performance. The 10-inch drill press improves the accuracy of your work by providing a precision laser.

The cast-iron body is strong. It will serve you for a long time. The 3/5HP motor is decent. It will give you as much power and torque as you need to work with a wide range of materials.

JIANGSU JINFEIDA Power Tools ZJ4116QC Review

Key Features:

  • 72.5 Pounds
  • 3.6A Motor
  • 3/5HP
  • 12 Speeds, 290-2800 RPM
  • 1/2-inch keyed chuck
  • Table bevels left and right and up to 45 degrees
  • Adjustable Depth Stop

The worktable can rotate left and right and tilt up to 45 degrees, allowing you to drill holes from difficult angles. You get 12 speeds one of which is bound to suit the requirements of whatever projects and materials you have on hand.The speeds are so easy to change.

  • 3/5HP Motor is powerful
  • The cast-iron body is durable and long-lasting
  • The 12-speed selection allows you to work with a wide range of materials
  • Laser improves accuracy
  • Heavy
  • No work lights

Expert Tips

This is a solid drill press that should be paired with small home projects. The laser isn’t as effective as you might expect. Some assembly is required and there is no work light. But the drill press does the work you want it to do. If all you want is a serviceable drill press, this one will do.

9) WEN 4208

This cheap press drill is not only reliable but small, compact, and powerful. It comes with a 5-speed selection, an RPM ranging from 740 to 3140, and a spindle that can travel up to 2 inches. The locking linear depth stops are easy to read.

They enable technicians to perform repeated and accurate drilling operations. The 6-foot cord is adequate for most workstations. The 1/3HP induction motor will give you all the torque you need.

WEN 4208 Review

Key Features:

  • ½-inch Keyed Chuck
  • Onboard key storage
  • 740-3140 RPM
  • 1/3HP induction motor
  • 120V, 60Hz
  • Locking Depth Adjustment

The worktable can be adjusted. It tilts left and right and up to 45 degrees. The ball bearing construction of the motor augments its durability, allowing it to last much longer. The cast-iron frame is rigid and strong.

  • Cheap
  • Quieter than other machines in this range
  • Strong, rigid cast-iron construction
  • Includes a compartment for your keys
  • A little too unstable to support precision drilling
  • Not suitable for thick metal

Expert Tips

Despite being relatively light and compact, suitable for a small workbench, this drill press is powerful enough to work with plastic, metal, wood, and any other material you have on hand. It will appeal to people that like smooth, quiet, balanced operations.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the Most Important Factor to Consider When Choosing a Drill Press?
Look at the reviews. A company can lie about the specs of its drill press. It can exaggerate the capabilities of its products. But if you read the reviews from people that have actually purchased and used the drill press you want, they will tell you whether or not the item is worth your money.

Q. What are the Most Important add-ons to Consider when Choosing a Drill Press?

ANSWER: It depends on what you need. Some people will tell you to look for a precision laser. Others will point to the work light or even the key storage compartment.

Q. What is the Best Type of Drill Press for Personal Use?

ANSWER: Benchtop drill places can be used at home or in a small business. They are suitable for hobbyists.

Q. What Materials Can You use with a Drill Press?

ANSWER: Most drill presses can work with wood and metal. But you have some that can be used on pebbles, plastics, and gemstones. The material a drill press can handle depends on the model.

Final Verdict

As you can see, this list has quite a bit of variety. You have models like the Gino Development drill press from True Power which is surprisingly small, lightweight, and compact.

You also have the WEN 4208 which is so affordable despite its power and performance. And then there is the SKIL 3320 with its 3050RPM and adjustable Depth Stop, the WEN 4210 with its durable 3.2-amp motor, and the ShopSeries RK7033 with its strong cast-iron body and 6.2-amp motor, to mention but a few. One or more of these drill presses is bound to suit your needs.

Don’t obsess over finding the best drill under 200 out of all these products. Focus on finding the item whose features match your needs best.

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