13 must-have Drill Press Accessories & Parts in 2022

A drill press is supposed to make your work easier. However, it cannot do this alone. You need special drill press accessories, tools that not only compliment the drill press but also enhance its functions.

Naturally, you cannot buy every single accessory on the market. Some of them are quite expensive. More to the point, you don’t need all of them. The key is to restrict your purchases to critical power drill accessories whose attributes match the needs of your project. That includes:

Best Drill press accessories Reviews

1). Wilton 11753 3-Inch Cradle Style Drill Press Vise

This angle drill press vise is compatible with drilling, tapping, and reaming operations. Like any vise, this one will hold your pieces in place while you work. It comes with a side tommy bar that you can use to tilt and lock at increments of 0 to 90 degrees.

Wilton 11753 3-Inch Cradle Style Drill Press Vise

Scaled in 1-degree increments and weighing just 12 pounds, one of the item’s bigger weaknesses is the bottom which isn’t completely flat. You cannot lay it flat on a drill press table.

The finish is also what you might expect from a Chinese-made product. But for its price tag, the vise exceeds expectations.

2). DELTA 20-621 4-Inch Drill Press Vise

As far as vises go, you would be hard-pressed to find a superior model to this one within the same price range. People use it to hold large workpieces. Not only is it easy to install but the vise, which comes with a quick-release function, features a cast-iron construction.DELTA 20-621 4-Inch Drill Press Vise


The jaws can hold items of up to 4 inches in width. Suitable for both wood and metal, the vise has grooves that support dowels with diameters as great as ½ inches.

The vise, which weighs just 6 pounds, doesn’t come with any mounting hardware. You have to buy the nuts, clamps, and washers separately. Because it has been known to rotate upward when high clamp pressure is applied, the unit isn’t compatible with precision work.

But as was mentioned above, for its price range, the product is quite impressive.

3). DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set DW1361

Dewalt Drill, Driver, and Screwdriver Accessories have a reputation for their impeccable quality, which is why drill bit sets like this one attract so much interest. They have a titanium coating that enhances their lifespan.

They are compatible with tasks in commercial and residential settings. You can also use them on wood and plastic along with metal. The bits will make clean and accurate holes.DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set DW1361

They are not the strongest accessories on the market. You cannot use them on tougher materials like concrete. However, they are relatively cheap and they come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which makes them a risk-free purchase. For the most part, you get the best value for your money.

4). Fulton Drill Press Table

It never occurs to beginners to buy tables for their drill presses. They know that the average drill press comes with a tabletop, which is why they do not understand the purpose of spending even more money on a new drill press table.

In truth, the tabletops that accompany most drill press machines are wildly impractical, which is why you are encouraged to buy replacements such as this one.Fulton Drill Press Table

It is a large table that is thick and dense enough to absorb the vibrations produced by the drill press machine. The lamination of both sides will prevent warping. This is a good thing because it ensures that the table remains flat.

The smooth surface produced by the lamination makes it that much easier to position your workpieces. Expect zero clearance and two tracks running front to back.

The table is compatible with drum sanders as large as 3 inches in diameter. The unique track mounting system underneath allows you to install the table on most drill press tables.

5). JCL Products Multipurpose Vise Jaws

This vise comes with both flat and grooved sides. You can use either option to hold your workpiece depending on the delicacy of the material in question. The vise is quite versatile, capable of holding metal, wood, and plastic objects of both flat and round shapes.JCL Products Multipurpose Vise Jaws

The manufacturer provides durable nylon covers that prevent the vise from leaving marks on your workpiece. This allows you to work with wooden items like guitars and even jewelry. Keep an eye out for the eight magnets that simplify the process of securely attaching the vise to the table. You should also pay close attention to the design of the vise. It works in tandem with the grooves to hold objects at various angles.

6). Wixey Model WL133 Drill Press Laser

Many professionals can get by without drill press lasers. But the same cannot be said for beginners who do not have the experience to perform precise tasks without the assistance of lasers.

Drill press lasers protect consumers from the errors that can occur when they rely on their eyes. This particular model comes with crosshairs that are not only easy to adjust but thin enough to provide the precision required in residential and commercial projects.Wixey Model WL133 Drill Press Laser

It also comes with mounts that simplify the process of attaching it to a drill press machine. The laser, which uses a pair of AA batteries (that you must buy separately), is a class 3a with an output that falls below 2.5MW. It has a rugged steel construction.

7). Mission Automotive Visa Soft Jaws

Every professional should keep some soft jaw pads on hand. They are used to hold materials of various shapes without affecting the finish. A vise grip is supposed to keep your workpiece in place while you drill.

However, some vises hold their workpieces so securely that they leave unsightly marks on the surface. Soft jaw pads can prevent this from happening. This particular set is compatible with various materials, not just wood but also plastic and even threaded workpieces.

Mission Automotive Visa Soft Jaws

The pads can also hold items of various shapes. That includes round and irregular workpieces. They are made from TPU rubber which is long-lasting. The rubber ensures that the pads hold your workpieces firmly.

There is little point in buying pads that protect delicate surfaces if they cannot prevent the workpieces in question from moving. These pads promise a reliable grip.

8). Haul Master Capacity Roller Stand

Even with a vise, some workpieces are so long that you need a second person to hold them in place or to move them around as you operate the drill press. If you don’t have access to such help, you can always rely on a drill press roller support stand.Haul Master Capacity Roller Stand

This one is attractive because it has an extra-wide base with non-slip end caps. It is also worth noting that the roller stand will provide the support you need without staining your workpiece.

It features a black enamel powder coat finish that increases its corrosion resistance, not to mention a high-impact ABS adjusting lever. The model is compatible with drill presses, table saws, and band saws. At 9.5 pounds, it is quick and easy to set up.

9). Global Tools Cast Iron Block Jig Fixture

You need a V-block like this one to drill through the center of tubing. It is the perfect accessory for anyone that spends a lot of time working with round workpieces. It has a V capacity of 2 inches, a graded cast-iron body and precisely ground V. The lengthwise T-slot is 10mm wide. That allows you to clamp it on a drill press with ease.Global Tools Cast Iron Block Jig Fixture

You can use the V-block to hold round workpieces for sawing purposes. The weight is just 3.61 pounds, which makes the V-block easy to maneuver.

10). Armor Tool 6DP-70 Auto Adjust Drill Press Clamp

People use clamps to hold small wooden and metallic items. They come in various sizes. The clamps you choose must fit the size of your workpiece and the type of work you want to do.

The wrong clamps will permit your workpiece to move and that can ruin the precision of your project. You need a reliable clamp such as this one that can apply even pressure.Armor Tool 6DP-70 Auto Adjust Drill Press Clamp

This particular model uses an ‘Auto Adjust’ mechanism that allows you to attach the clamp to a drill press with one hand. Because of the ‘Auto Adjust’ mechanism, you don’t have to re-adjust the clamp to change the material size.

Expect a jaw range of 4 ½ inches and a clamping force of 25 to 250 pounds. The product can work on items with strange shapes. You can make adjustments to the pressure to fit the situation.

For instance, you can raise the pressure for large projects and then lower it once you introduce delicate pieces. Adjustments are made using the pressure screw.

11). Jancy Slugger High-Speed Steel Sheet Metal Cutter

People use this accessory to drill sheet metal at a faster rate. The sheet metal cutter features High-Speed Steel, uncoated surface treatment, and a ¼-inch depth cut. It will curve solid, round slugs out of your chosen workpiece.Jancy Slugger High-Speed Steel Sheet Metal Cutter

Despite its efficiency, the sheet cutter has lower horsepower requirements. You can use it to drill non-flat surfaces. It can also make overlapping cuts on existing holes where necessary. You have to buy the arbor separately.

12). Peachtree Woodworking 351 Drill Press Dust Collector

A drill press produces a lot of dust. This can’t be helped. Whenever you drill through wood, metal, or plastic, you are bound to produce dust and debris. The dust isn’t just an inconvenience. It can compromise your health if you inhale it, especially the dust from metallic workpieces.

This is where dust containers enter the picture. As their name suggests, they collect dust as the drill press makes it, keeping your workspace neat and tidy. This one has a hose that will capture the dust at the source.Peachtree Woodworking 351 Drill Press Dust Collector

You can make the hose longer or shorter to fit the height of the table by either adding or removing hose link sections.

Once you install it, the item won’t interfere with the work of the drill press. It is designed to operate in tandem with a 2 ½ inch dust collection system. The dust collector weighs just 1.2 pounds.

13). Noga MC17001 Applicator

Certain drilling applications require users to apply cutting fluids to reduce the amount of heat generated by the drill press. A cutting fluid applicator makes this process easy and efficient.Noga MC17001 Applicator

The Noga MC17001 has separate air and fluid controls that you can use to maximize heat dissipation by creating the right mixture for each task. Simple and rugged in its construction, the applicator has a magnetic base. This allows you to mount it in seconds. The unit weighs just 1.12 pounds.

Final Verdict

As you can see, drill press accessories are quite wide-ranging, and they are not limited to the items above. It is a question of the task at hand. The type of project you have to complete will determine the accessories you will eventually purchase.

Some people cannot survive without cutting fluid. It allows them to reduce friction in metal applications. Others depend heavily on lube. They use it to lubricate the drill press, increasing its life span in the process.

You also have the mortising attachment which drills precise square and circular holes. Beginners can use it to attain the same accuracy as a professional.

As their name suggests, sanding drums are used to perform sanding. You can apply a sanding drum to the average drill press, turning it into a sanding gun.

There is also the magnetic cleanup tool to consider. Sometimes, it isn’t enough to install a dust collector. If your operations keep causing metallic chips to fly all over the place, you can use a magnetic cleanup tool like the RMX7 Roto to collect them.

There is no end to the kinds of drill press accessories you can buy for your project. Despite its name, you can use a drill press machine to perform a variety of tasks besides drilling by simply attaching an accessory that changes its functions.


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