10 Best Floor Drill Presses Reviews of 2023 (Top picked & Buying Guide)

If you have a large workshop with plenty of floor space, do yourself a favor and get a floor drill press. Benchtop drill presses have their benefits. However, they cannot compete favorably with the best floor drill press, not where accurate and consistent operations are concerned.

They bring a lot of power and stability to the table. They are not necessarily the most portable units. But that is to be expected. People use them to tackle heavy-duty applications that require a lot of precision.

Of course, floor drill presses are not all the same. Some are far better than others. You have to take factors such as the speed, dimensions of the table, and the chuck design into consideration before you settle on a model. If you don’t want to do such extensive research on your own, this guide includes a list of all the noteworthy floor drill presses on the market.

Editor’s Pick

Our top pick

+If You Want A Floor Drill Press That Delivers an Impeccable Performance, You Should Try Our Top Pick:

Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit PS31-2A – This drill is a little pricy compared to other products in the same range. However, you get what you pay for. Perfect for anyone that wants to drill or drive over the head, the unit has two speeds (350RPM and 1,300RPM), 12V Lithium-Ion Batteries, and LED lights that improve visibility in dark settings.

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Our budget pick

If You Want the Best Drill For Women on a Budget, Try Our Budget Pick:

Black + Decker 20V Max Cordless Drill LDX120C – Despite its friendly price tag, this is an efficient drill with an 11-Position Clutch, 650RPM, and a compact build. It can drill into wood, metal, and plastic along with performing any screw driving tasks you may have on hand.

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Our Best pick

If You Want a Drill for Women with a Decent Price Tag and an Impressive Collection of Features, Try our Overall Best Pick:

DeWalt DCD771C2 – Because this unit has a compact design, it can fit in tight spaces. The fact that it is so light means that it won’t exhaust your arms as quickly. You get two speeds (450RPM and 1,500RPM), a ½-Inch Single Sleeve Ratchet Chuck, and an ergonomic handle.

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+Floor Drill Press Buying Guide

Are you thinking about buying a floor drill press for your workshop? You have to ensure that the model you select fits your situation. You can only make the appropriate choice by basing your selection on the following criteria:

  • Motor – The motor determines the power of the floor drill press which, in turn, determines the applications the unit can tackle. The power is expressed in HP (Horsepower). You shouldn’t necessarily target drill presses with the highest horsepower. For instance, a 3/4HP motor is more than adequate for drilling wood. Woodworking hobbyists do not require 1.5HP motors. The more powerful the motor, the more expensive the floor drill press. Don’t waste money on a floor drill press whose power exceeds the work you want to do.
  • Speed – Look for units with variable speeds. The RPM reveals the speed. Like the horsepower, you shouldn’t necessarily target drill presses with the highest RPM. Some applications require faster speeds. Others require slower speeds. Focus on floor drill presses whose speed range fits the projects you want to execute.
  • Chuck – The chuck is the device that holds the bit. The size of the chuck determines the size of the bits you can use which, in turn, tells you the size of the holes you can drill.
  • Work Table – The work table is far more important than people realize. It should be large enough to accommodate the size of the materials you want to drill. The work table will determine the drilling capacity.
  • Light – People underestimate the importance of a work light. Drilling operations are sensitive. They require a stable hand, and accidents can easily happen if the ambient lighting in your surroundings is insufficient. A built-in work light allows you to keep drilling in the right places in dark or dim settings.
  • Warranty – A floor drill press has a lot of moving parts. Even with thorough maintenance, some of those parts will eventually fail. You need a decent warranty to protect you from expensive repairs.


JET JDP 20MF 20-Inch Drill Press (354170)


Some people have called this the best floor drill press for woodworking because of its stability, accuracy, and versatility. It comes with an integrated work lamp and a smooth-traveling table that you can lower and raise by turning a crank.

It has a 1-1/2HP motor with variable speeds. You can change the speed quickly and easily by opening the metal cover, disengaging the motor, and moving the belt to the relevant pulley.


  • 1-1/2 HP Motor with 12 speeds
  • 150-4,200 RPM
  • Work Lamp
  • A Worktable that can tilt 45 degrees
  • ½-Inch diameter external positive depth stop
  • Adjustable Tension Spindle Return Spring
  • High-Quality Ball Bearings support the Spindle
  • On/Off Switch on the front of the drill press head
  • 282 Pounds


  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Work lamp provides additional illumination
  • The tilting table permits angled drilling
  • You can change the speed quickly and easily


  • Quite Heavy
  • Assembly is Challenging


This is a balanced device whose features and attributes are designed to appeal to professionals as well as hobbyists, or any woodworker that wants to work from home. The two-year-warranty takes some of the risks out of the purchase.

2). Shop Fox W1848


This oscillating floor drill press shares some of the attributes that Shop Fox enthusiasts have seen in models like the W1667 and 1668. The oscillating spindle is supposed to exceed expectations where contour sanding is concerned.

That immediately tells you that the drill press wasn’t designed with just drilling in mind. You can shift its functions from drilling to contouring. This takes just a few seconds, and you don’t need tools.

The drill press, which stands at a height of 63 inches, comes with sanding drums. Once they are in place, you can take advantage of the oscillation which is supposed to reduce the rate at which heat builds up whilst also making your finish as smooth as possible.

The table can be tilted to the left and right. You can also change the height to meet the demands of the workpiece. Some drilling and sanding projects compel technicians to work at difficult angles. The table, which can tilt 90 degrees, will accommodate these situations.

If you don’t need the table, you can move it out of the way altogether. Besides the 2-year warranty, the 122-pound unit comes with 80-grit sanding paper.


  • 122 Pounds
  • 250-3050RPM
  • The Table tilts 90 Degrees
  • Includes 3-Piece Spindle Sander Drum Kit
  • ¾ HP Motor
  • 1/64-5/8-Inch Drill Chuck
  • 3-1/4-Inch Spindle Travel
  • 12 Speeds


  • You can adjust the table to fit the dimensions of the workpiece
  • The table can tilt to accommodate drilling and sanding at complex angles
  • You can change from drilling to sanding operations quickly, easily, and without using tools
  • Oscillation reduces the buildup of heat


  • The 3.5-inch vertical travel is disappointing
  • The Thumb Knob on the Height Control is Pointless


This is another attractive unit for woodworkers. It stands out because it has a 3-piece sander drum kit that produces a smooth finish. It is also accompanied by a very convenient dust collection feature.

3). JET J-2500 (354400)


Some people have called this the best floor drill press in its price range. It isn’t that difficult to understand why. It is just 167 pounds, with a work table boasting a weight capacity of 44 pounds, variable speeds ranging from 200 to 3,360 RPM, and head casting with a permanently lubricated ball-bearing spindle assembly.

The manufacturer has provided a manual that will instruct consumers on the best way to take advantage of the unit’s exact pacing and depth control. It has a few weaknesses, including a rigid column and a table that isn’t all that easy to adjust.

It also lacks a laser. However, it uses the considerable power offered by its ¾ HP motor to compensate for those weaknesses.


  • 167 Pounds
  • ¾ HP Motor
  • Enclosed Spindle Assembly with Four Permanently Lubricated Ball Bearings
  • 1-7/8-Inch Diameter Quill can travel 3-1/8 inches
  • Depth Stop displays Inch/MM
  • The Table Tilts 45 Degrees


  • The depth stop enhances accuracy with its inch/mm display and quick-set bolt
  • It offers a greater range of spindle speeds than other units in the same class
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Offers a lot of power


  • It doesn’t have a laser
  • Table adjustments are relatively difficult


This is the model to buy if you want a lot of power. Some people might be tempted to call this the best floor drill press for metal because the ¾ HP motor allows the unit to push through very thick materials.

4). Powermatic PM2800B (1792800B)


This is a powerful machine that offers spindle travel of 6 inches, speeds ranging from 250 to 3,000 RPM, and a quill diameter of 2.6 inches. It is also very expensive, which is why some consumers might think twice about buying it.

The unit’s biggest attraction is its versatility. You can use it to drill deep into thick objects or to polish delicate items. The 7.5-amp motor allows you to select a speed that matches the needs of your project.

The fence system will keep the workpiece in the work area of your table. The table can tilt up to 90 degrees to accommodate various drilling angles. The unit provides mechanisms that prevent your workpiece from shifting in situations where you have to drill in the same spot.


  • 250-3,000 RPM
  • 6-Inch Spindle Travel
  • 3-Inch Column Diameter
  • 2.6-Inch Quill Diameter
  • 7.5-Amp Motor
  • The Table Tilts Up To 90 Degrees


  • It promises accurate drilling operations
  • It makes repetitive drilling easier and more precise
  • The 7.5-Amp Motor provides a lot of power
  • The fence system keeps the workpiece in the working area


  • Very expensive
  • The quill requires frequent adjustment during operations


Hobbyists will avoid this unit because of its hefty price tag. You are more likely to find it in the hands of professionals whose work can justify the cost of the floor drill press.

5). Klutch Floor Drill Press 16-Speed, ¾ HP


This is a balanced unit that provides all the power and accuracy you need to drill through wood and metal. Sturdy and versatile with a solid mount base, it boasts a ¾ HP motor, 16 speeds, and a table that can tilt 45 degrees to accommodate various drilling angles.

The depth lock has a ball knob handle that permits precise adjustments. Consumers will appreciate the gooseneck LED light which is designed to illuminate your work.

You can use a built-in storage compartment to keep the chuck key close at hand. The 11 3/8-inch (diameter) worktable provides plenty of room.


  • 123 Pounds
  • 16 Speeds
  • 260-3,410 RPM
  • 5/8-Inch Chuck Capacity
  • 3 ¼-Inch Vertical Stroke
  • 13-Inch Swing
  • The Table Tilts 45 Degrees
  • Depth Lock with Ball Knob Handle
  • 11 3/8-Inch Diameter Worktable
  • Gooseneck LED Light


  • LED illuminates the work surface
  • The built-in chuck key storage makes the chuck key easy to find
  • The tilting table accommodates various drilling angles
  • The ball knob handle of the depth lock permits precise adjustments


  • The table is too small for some people


Hobbyists will appreciate this model. Not only is the price tag friendly but the unit is light and portable. You can move it to any location within your home or workshop if the need arises.

6). Shop Fox W1680


No one will laugh at the idea of calling this the best floor model drill press unit. This is because it has a 1 HP aluminum finned motor which is quite impressive.

The drill press wasn’t designed to tackle intensive projects in professional settings. You are more likely to find it in mid-sized cabinet shops and small machine shops.

For the objective it was intended to achieve, it exceeds expectations. Boasting a 14-inch diameter tilting table that supports drilling angles of up to 90 degrees, you can also look forward to a maximum drilling depth (from chuck to table) of 31-1/2 inches and a chuck guard that protects the user.

The spring-loaded guard can be flipped out of the way, permitting easy tool changes. The paddle switch is better than conventional On/Off switches.


  • 178 Pounds
  • 14-Inch Diameter Table
  • 1HP Motor
  • 1,720 RPM
  • Solid Cast Iron Construction
  • Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Light
  • Rubber Coated Quick-Adjust Handles


  • The cast iron construction is durable
  • The built-in light will illuminate your work
  • The table’s height and angle can be adjusted to fit a variety of purposes
  • The chuck guard protects the user from the moving parts and flying debris


  • The unit features an incandescent light rather than LED
  • No Chuck Key Holder


This isn’t the most powerful floor drill press on the market, and it doesn’t have to be. It offers precision and versatility to small and mid-sized tasks.

7). WEN 4225


The best floor-standing drill press is expected to bring a lot of flexibility to the table. It should feature attributes that can serve the needs of professionals and hobbyists alike, and that is what you can expect from this model with its four inches of stroke capacity that enable consumers to punch through 4×4 boards with relative ease.

You can adjust the speed using a lever or a quick belt adjustment. They range from 280 to 1000 RPM and 1000 to 3300 RPM, which is more than enough to fit any situation you may have in mind.

You can use the digital readout reports to keep an eye on the RPM. This will make your drilling operations all the more accurate. The table is cast iron and it can tilt 45 degrees in both directions.

The Morse #2 Spindle taper of the chuck accepts bits ranging from 1/12 inches to 5/8 inches.


  • Four Inch Stroke
  • 280-3300RPM
  • Built-In Work Light
  • Precision Laser
  • Chuck Key Storage
  • 12×12 Cast Iron Table
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 171 Pounds


  • Work light illuminates your workpiece in dim settings
  • Laser enhances drilling precision
  • 4-Inch Stroke Capacity allows operators to drill through 4×4 boards with ease
  • The Chuck accepts bits of various sizes


  • The light is awkwardly positioned
  • The laser isn’t always easy to align


This is the floor drill press to purchase if you want a lot of power. It can drill through 4-inch thick materials, an attribute that professionals will appreciate.

8). Shop Series RK7033


You can use this unit on wood, metal, and plastic. With its 6.2-Amp motor, you can trust the drill press to perform repetitive but precise cutting regardless of the material. The speeds vary, ranging from 620 RPM to 3100 RPM.

The table is cast iron and it can tilt left and right to suit complicated drilling angles. The ½-inch chuck will accept bits that work on wood and metal. You can also attach sanding drums.

Additional attributes include a keyed safety switch that won’t permit accidental starting, 16+1 clutch positions, and a 2-year warranty.


  • LED Light
  • 48 Pounds
  • 200 in-lbs. of torque
  • 1.3Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 16+1 Clutch Positions
  • 3100 RPM
  • 6.2 Amp Motor
  • Cast Iron Table


  • The 6.2-Amp Motor allows repetitive precision cutting
  • The cast-iron work table is flexible
  • You can attach sanding drums, woodworking, and metal drill bits
  • The Keyed safety prevents accidental starting


  • The table is small
  • The drill press has to be bolted to a surface because the top-heavy design and small base make it unstable


Financially constrained consumers will appreciate this drill press. It has a friendly price tag despite the 6.2-Amp motor. It can drill through plastic, wood, and metal.

9). General International 15-Inch Floor Mount Drill Press


This is a strong floor drill press with heavy-duty cast-iron construction that guarantees its durability. It has 16 speeds for you to choose from. You can match the speeds to the cutting conditions of your project and the materials involved.

You can use the cross-pattern precision laser alignment and centering guide to make accurate cuts every single time. The LED light will keep your workpiece illuminated in dim settings. The table can tilt to accommodate different angles.


  • Built-In LED Light
  • 16 Speeds
  • 240-3200 RPM
  • Tilting Table (0-45 Degrees)
  • 550 Watt, 120V 60HZ Motor
  • Patented Cross-Pattern Precision Laser Alignment and Centering Guide
  • 120 Pounds


  • LED Light illuminates the work table
  • You have 16 speeds to choose from
  • The patented cross-pattern system promises more precise cutting
  • The table tilts to accommodate different cutting angles


  • Surprisingly short spindle travel depth
  • The assembling process requires a lot of patience
  • Quill runoff


This is the unit to buy if you want a floor drill press that you can use all day, every day.

10). Delta 18-900L


This is the kind of floor drill press that professionals love. It has a little bit of everything, including a heavy-duty motor for intensive woodworking projects, an auto-tensioning belt drive system that allows the operator to change speed quickly and easily, and an LED lamp that keeps the work surface illuminated.

You can use the adjustable laser lines to mark the area you want to drill. Operators can choose between 16 speeds depending on the nature of their project. You can adjust the table’s height where necessary. You can also change the angle.


  • 261 Pounds
  • Auto-tensioning belt drive system
  • 6-Inch Quill Stroke
  • Micro-Adjustable Depth Strops
  • Independent Depth Scale
  • Adjustable Twin Laser
  • Work Light
  • ¾ HP Motor
  • The table bevels (0-90 Degrees) and Tilts (0-48 Degrees)
  • 16 Speeds
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • The heavy-duty motor can handle demanding drilling applications
  • The LED light will keep the work surface illuminated
  • The work table bevels and tilts
  • The adjustable twin lasers project bright crosshairs at the point you want to drill


  • The quality of the lasers is disappointing
  • Heavy


This unit’s biggest draw is the fact that it is easy to use. The price tag may repel some people. Others are bound to appreciate the LED lighting, the lasers which improve accuracy, and the auto-tensioning belt.


1). Why is a Floor Drill Press Better Than a Handheld or Benchtop Drill Press?

While the other two have their advantages, a floor drill press is more stable. It can operate at a faster rate without ruining the operator’s work with vibrations. This increases accuracy.

2). Is a Floor Drill Press Dangerous?

If you know what you’re doing, it isn’t dangerous. That being said, you are encouraged to look for models with a bit guard. It will protect you from moving parts that would normally injury your fingers, not to mention flying debris.

3). Why Does the Speed Matter?

The speed you need is determined by the hardness of the material. Softer materials require higher speeds. Harder materials require slower speeds.

4). What Kind of Work Does A Floor Drill Press Do?

These devices are normally used to do heavy-duty work. People typically associate them with drilling. However, they can do everything from tapping to reaming, and countersinking, to mention but a few.

Final Verdict

Everyone’s definition of the best floor drill press will vary depending on what they want their floor drill press to do. Fortunately, the units above are quite wide-ranging and you cannot fail to find at least one floor drill press whose attributes match your needs.

For instance, the JET 354170 has a 1-1/2HP motor and speeds of up to 4,200RPM. The Shop Fox W1848 has an oscillating spindle that guarantees efficient contour sanding.

With the JET J-2500, you get a permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle, cast iron head, and a large quill that promises greater accuracy. People with mid-sized applications will flock towards the Shop Fox W1680 whose 14-inch diameter table can tilt to permit drilling at 0-90-degree angles.

With the WEN 4225, you get a lot of power. Also, the 4-inch stroke allows you to punch through 4×4 boards with ease. Regardless of the projects you have on your hands or the materials you want to drill through, it won’t take you longtofind a floor drill press from the list above that can deliver optimal satisfaction.


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